Terms & Conditions

Jwelerio, a White Carbonn brand, has come up with a very unique and a novel concept for it’s customers. With this concept our customers get a chance to wear different designs of diamond jewellery of their choice and convenience. 

Jwelerio offers this concept with following terms and conditions –

This concept or scheme is for the diamond jewellery of different designs and with different material used in making a diamond jewellery.

In this scheme a customer has a choice to select the design from our design bank as per their choice. Customer should read all the details about the product details before finalizing the purchase.

This scheme has 3 plans 

1. 30K – Rs. 30,000 deposit and 4500/- +GST as annual membership charge.

2. 60K – Rs. 60,000 deposit and 8750/- +GST as annual membership charge.

3. 90K – Rs. 90,000 deposit and 12500/- +GST as annual membership charge.

We reserve the right to amend the plans without any prior notice. 

We will take the deposit against the product which is delivered to the customer. This deposit will be as security deposit and will be interest free. We will not be liable to pay any interest on amount received in this plan in any circumstance or conditions. 

The deposit plans will be fixed and there will not be any discount on deposit. Only the amount as deposit will be refunded after the tenure is completed and if the due compliance is done. Annual membership charges will be non-refundable and will not be returned in any circumstances 

The tenure of this plan will be 1 year. Deposit will be returned after a year. 

Customer has to pay defined annual membership charge along with the deposit amount at the beginning of the tenure. All the applicable taxes will be charged extra. 

Customer get to choose the designs as per listed on our website with the specification mentioned on it. Customer can exchange the jewelry 2 times in a year. So, the customer gets a chance to wear three jewelry articles in a year. The minimum time gap required between two exchange is 2 months. One cannot exchange the jewelry before 2 months in any circumstances. Customer does not have to pay any extra charges for the allowed number of exchanges in a year. 

The tenure of the annual membership is for one year. After completion of tenure customer has to return the diamond jewellery article back to us along with the certificates provided with the jewelry at the time of delivery. After inspection of the article the deposit will be released.

Customer is supposed to return the diamond jewellery article in same condition as it was delivered. If there is any damage done to the diamond jewellery in your possession extra charges for the repairs will be applicable. If the customer fails to pay these charges, it will be deducted from their security deposit. If it is observed that the returned diamond jewellery is tampered or replaced with some inferior quality material the deposit will be forfeited and will not be returned. 

After completion of one-year, if the contract is not renewed and the article in possession of customer is not returned, it will be considered as deemed sell. Only if the customer informs us in advance we will allow one-month bonus time for the renewal. But even if the renewal does not happen then we will consider it as deemed sell. The rate of the jewellery will be considered same as on the date it was dispatched. 

Customer can only upgrade the plan within the tenure. In case of upgradation the annual membership charge will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. If the higher plan is taken then they cannot choose for the lower plan till the tenure gets completed. 

The jurisdiction for this agreement for all the customers will be Surat, Gujarat.